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& Endurance
Blood Flow
in Bed

The Complete Wellness
For Gentle-Men

Rise & Shine amplifies your sexual wellness with a mix of the right vitamins to last longer in bed.

1 in 10 Men suffer from
Erectile dysfunction & other bedroom problems

We do not want you to be one of the statistics. Let’s make men more prominent with their care.

Science over
phony taglines of
'Bigger in 10 days'

At Rise & Shine, We put the actual science into our products to help transform men’s sexual wellness from a ‘MAYBE’ to a ‘DEFINITELY’

A Rise and Shine Approach to Cheers

An average of 50% Indian male last about 4-5 minutes. Now those are some poor numbers. Let’s RAISE THEM UP!

About 65% of all problems between couples come out of the bedroom.. That’s why we are on this mission.

When the QUEEN is happy, the family is happy. When the family is happy, the nation is happy.

Talk to a certified expert/doctors
about anything & everything!

We have a whole team of talented research scientists and formulation experts to keep all the “BRO’s” happy!

All our products undergo countless hours of research and R&D before we say a word about what our product does!


Our Bro’s have experienced results starting from Day 1. Although it varies from person to person… There’s one thing they all have in common - It’s that it works!

Our products are not made for boys who believe myths of miracle pills. All our products are made from clinically proven theories with world renowned experts in the best manufacturing facilities.

It means we want ‘Bro-blems’ to be just known to Bro’s. What we do and what you shop is not anyone’s business and we make sure that it doesn’t need to be!

All the orders you place with us are not something which we make known to others. All invoices are sent with a non-descriptive product name. We aim to keep your private life - PRIVATE!

Honestly no! But we’d love to hear about them and send you a heart warming reply!

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